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Created on 2009-04-16 16:55:29 (#82636), last updated 2011-01-20 (352 weeks ago)

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Name:Ask DW Genie!
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:The best question-answering community there ever was.
NOTE: This is not an official DW community.

This originally began on Livejournal, where I have a large-ish friends list - so when I'd ask a question, chances were high that I'd at least get a lead or two, if not a full-on answer.  This is great for me, but not useful for those who only have a handful of folk on their friends list.

So!  [community profile] dwgenie!  Where you can post and ask your questions, and all sorts of people can answer!  Sign up and contribute by answering questions!


Ze factz:

* I own it and mod it.  If you have problems, comment on any post of mine.

* The first post you make to this community will be sent to the moderation queue.  I'll approve it, and will add you to the list of approved posters.  This cuts down on the chances of trolling, and makes expelling trolls a lot easier.  So don't fret if your first post takes a few minutes to go live.

* Posts must start with "Dear DW Genie:", or words to that effect.  You can be as florid or as terse as you like.

* Please respond to comments that were helpful to you.  This doesn't mean every comment ever, of course.  But if a comment helped you at all, from a mental spark to a lead to an outright solution, please comment and let the person know.  I like the idea of encouraging people to answer.  :)

* And the usual:

1) No spam, advertisements, personal ads, and so forth.
2) No rhetorical questions!  Goodness gracious.
3) All images must be behind an lj-cut.  Same goes for any logfile content you feel you must post.
4) Try to be serious.  "Why can't I get laid?" is a question, but I'll trust yall freakin' know better than that.


The disclaimer:

All advice and answers come with the grain-of-salt that is "Use at your own discretion".  Even if someone here is a doctor or lawyer or some such, advice should not be treated as legally binding.  If you want real and proper and binding advice, you should go see a person in their official capacity and pay for their time and advice.
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